Recently, a batch of new-design reducers developed by Weihua has been successfully packed and ready for delivery to customers.




This reducer is a European Standard reducer designed with the latest concept. It adopts a modular design with hard tooth surface. In the structure, it adopts a motor direct connection design and is equipped with a brake shaft extension. This product is a special model designed for the European-style crane. It has the characteristics of small space size and convenient installation.




Since receiving the order, Weihua has started intensive preparations. After 20 days of hard work, the product has finally successfully finished production under the comprehensive cooperation of multiple departments including design, quality, and production.


All internal parts are made by ourselves with High standards, high quality, high requirements. The box body is all made by advanced machining center. It is fully inspected by a German three-coordinate measuring instrument. The gears are processed by a German gear grinding machine with precision grade reaching 5 grade of ISO1328. The precision quality of the product is guaranteed, and the cost is greatly reduced.